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Silver Investment Company commits to the highest standards of corporate social responsibility to serve the community in the best possible manner. Silver Investment Company implements an effective and efficient sustainability strategy and aimed at creating social and economic value for different sectors in the community. Through various initiatives and programs, the Company has demonstrated its dedication to important causes, ensuring that business success is translated to greater social impact. In line with the Abu Dhabi government’s goal of becoming one of the top 10 sustainable cities in the world by 2010, Silver Investment Company has engaged in activities promoting efficient energy use and environmental preservation. It has supported businesses providing innovative products, in line with the global standards of sustainability.

Key Standards of Sustainability:

Silver Investment Company (SPI) Contributes to lesser privileged sections of the society

Silver Investment Company involves in such activities that help people in their bad times. Individuals who are facing issues such as social, economic and health challenges. The company’s liaison with the other organisations and such institutes to ensure that they get adequate support.

SPI Contributes to the promotion and preservation of the national heritage and culture

SPI aims to carry out the operations whilst keeping in line interest of the whole community which includes the local heritage and the rich culture of Abu Dhabi. The Company participates in important cultural events, and partners with groups with the same vision.

SPI firmly belives in workplace development

The firm believes in providing equal opportunities to each of its employees. Firm indulge its employees which contribute positively to their productivity and ultimately increasing their motivation levels.

SPI is supportive of the community and social programs

SPI supports different community and social campaigns and programs involving health, education, security, culture, etc.

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